Process of Designing for a  Shirt

"Ocean Play" line drawing
The design is drawn on tracing paper to an exact size. The design is drawn so that it repeats from top to bottom and side to side.
"Ocean Play" linoleum block
The design is reversed and transferred to the linoleum block. Specific areas are carved away before the block is printed with the first color. Oil based ink is mixed to a specific color, value, and transparency or opaque quality.
Ocean Play 1 drying rack
"Ocean Play" block inked
The linoleum block is carefully inked for each print that is pulled. Here, the block has been carved and is inked with the second color.
Pulling the print
Paper is carefully placed on the inked block using registration marks. Pressure is applied to the back of the print by hand using a rolling pin, baren or rice paddle.
Print with three colors
After all the prints are printed with first color, they are hung to dry. The block is cleaned and another round of carving begins.
Ocean Play finished print
Ocean Play print detail
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